Jenny 9X

Jenny9X ist unser neuestes Auto für die Electric Klasse. Sie bildet die zweite Generation unseres Allradkonzeptes gemäß dem Motto: Bewährtes noch besser, mit vielen neuen Inovationen!

Technische Daten:

Frame Fullmonocoque
Dimensions (l x w x h) 2836 x 1410 x 1161
Weight 195 kg
Track width f/r 1198/1200 mm
Wheel base 1525 mm
Aero parts front and rearwing, undertray and side pods
Suspension double wishbone with pushrod system
Damper KW Formula Student
Wheels/Tires 7x13 zoll with 205/470 Continental tires
Motors 4x AMK-DYNASYN Synchron-Servermotor DD5
Cooling self-venting system with AWG coolers
Power 80 kW
Max rpm 20.000 rpm
Motor controllers AMKASYN inverter
Max system voltage 588 V
Battery cells LiPo
Max battery capacity 6,88 kWh
Drivetrain 4x planetary gearboxes inside of the wheel hubs
Drive ratio 1 : 14
Miscellaneous Headlights, Torque Vectoring, Live-telemetry-system, rear wheel steering